Reporting overview


We make reporting seamless through our Reporting API, which allows different types of transactions to be queried. The API provides details on the following transaction types.

Transaction typeDescription
Single paymentsAll single payments that were created through a PIR.
RefundsAll refunds that were created through a RR.
PayoutsAll payouts that were created through a PR.
Sweeps (transfers)All regular transfers made from a Vyne settlement account to destination bank account. Find out more about settlement accounts here.

There are 3 optional parameters that can be specified when making a request.

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
queryFilter query for transaction records to be returned.Returns all transaction records (no filtering).
sizeThe maximum amount of transactions to be provided per page. This can be between 1 and 1000 transactions.20
cursorPointer to the requested page. This is important for retrieving all data when total records is more than 1 page.Returns page 1 of records.


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It is possible to specify the data to be included in the query response by detailing what criteria any of parameters of the returned transactions must meet. Information on the operators that can be used can be found here.