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Welcome to payVyne. Instant e-commerce payments. Here you will find the integration guides, API documentation, and much more to easily integrate with payVyne.

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Getting started

Welcome to our developer documentation

Integrating our easy to use API is the fastest way for you to get paid directly from your customer's preferred bank account. Vyne keeps transactions securely within the trusted authentication process of your customer's bank.

This documentation is aimed at merchants, and covers everything, from: getting started and making your first payment, to core concepts of our system for making the most of Vyne.

What is Vyne

Getting paid online can be painful. It's expensive, slow and a huge point of friction. Vyne solves these problems with instant account-to-account bank payments, leveraging leading Open Banking technology to allow merchants to take customer payments via bank transfer. Payments via bank transfer mean merchants are paid quickly, securely and cheaply, using a method that consumers know and trust.

  1. Send transaction information directly to your consumer’s bank, where they can approve the payment in 1 step.
  2. You remain in complete control of initiating the payment, and receive funds in seconds, direct to your bank account.
  3. Your consumers pay using their own trusted bank without needing to share sensitive account information. They are not required to register, or hand over account numbers - they simply authenticate with the mobile (bank app) or online banking they're used to.
  4. For the majority of consumers that use biometric sign in, such as fingerprint (touch ID) or facial recognition (face ID), authentication is seamless and takes under 5 seconds, making Vyne one of the fastest payment flows.


Try it out

Vyne sits alongside a merchant’s existing checkout options and is, as such, completely non-disruptive and low risk to trial.

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Next Steps

Get started by integrating payment initiation and testing using our sandbox

Payment initiation
Testing your integration

Getting started

Welcome to our developer documentation

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