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Learn how to take a payment using Vyne payment initiation

Integration patterns

Hosted checkout

Using Vyne payment initiation with our hosted checkout is the simplest way to start taking payments through your application. Before you proceed, make sure you understand the payment flow.

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  1. The merchant begins the payment initiation by creating a PIRPIR - Payment Initiation Request. Vyne interfaces with Open Banking to create a payment with the requested amount and payee details.
  2. Once the PIRPIR - Payment Initiation Request is created, the payment needs to be presented to the consumer in order to allow them to select a bank. A redirect URL or QR code URL returned when creating the PIRPIR - Payment Initiation Request provides a way to redirect the consumer to a Vyne hosted checkout page.
  3. The consumer selects their bank and consents in the hosted checkout.
  4. After consenting, the consumer is redirected to mobile banking (mobile bank app) or online banking (website). The consumer authenticates with the bank biometrically or using credentials.
  5. At the bank, the consumer is prompted to authorise the payment.
  6. Once the payment is authorised at the bank, the consumer will be redirected back to the callback URL provided in the PIRPIR - Payment Initiation Request.

Before you begin

Before you begin your integration, make sure you've run through our getting started guide to sign up for an account, get an access token, and configure a callback URL.

What’s Next

Once you're ready to begin, start by requesting a payment.

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