Partner integrations overview


Take and manage payments for multiple merchants using a Partner account - our Partner API allows you to provide multiple merchants the ability to pay with bank, while maintaining a holistic view of everything in one place.

A partner account allows you to manage a number of sub-accounts which reflect your operating model. Partner accounts are ideal for managing franchises, multi-brand offerings, or regional divisions.

Partner accounts work seamlessly with Merchant accounts and provide access to the same functionality merchants know and love today. A Partner account allows you to:

  • Take payments on behalf of a linked Merchant account.
  • Receive payment status updates, including webhook notifications, for a linked Merchant account.
  • View, search, and download transactions for all linked Merchant accounts through the Partner portal.
  • Manage your account, settings and users for your Partner account through the Partner portal.

Linked Merchant accounts can still be managed individually, or through the Partner API. Using our Partner API provides secure access to take payments for a number of Merchant accounts without needing to store multiple credentials.