Environment URLs

Vyne has two environments: production and sandbox. Use the sandbox environment to get familiarised with API behaviour, try things out, and complete UAT for your integration; use the production environment to start taking payments with Vyne.

EnvironmentBase URL
Sandbox (UAT)https://uat.app.payvyne.com


Vyne APIs are available through different base URLs relating to your interaction needs. To access these APIs, combine the base URL + endpoint. For example, to create a PIR construct the URL to call like this:

Base URL + /api/v1/payments/https://uat.app.payvyne.com/api/v1/payments/


Be aware

Use HTTPS for all of your interactions with Vyne's APIs.

IP whitelisting

All the webhook notifications are sent from a static IP address.

EnvironmentIP address
Sandbox (UAT)