Checkout considerations

Tips and useful info when building an integrated checkout

Vyne's payments API provides the functionality needed to obtain bank details and initiate payments from within your own application. When integrating Vyne payment into your application, the minimum requirements for presenting a checkout to your consumers are:

  1. Present a summary of their payment
  2. Allow consumers to choose their bank
  3. Present and capture agreement to consent

In order to provide the best payment experience, we also recommend handling the following in your checkout experience:

  1. Optimise the checkout for desktop and mobile devices
  2. Filter banks by country
  3. Present the most popular banks first to your consumers
  4. Allow consumers to search for their bank
  5. Hand-off/hand-back checkout between desktop and mobile devices


Be aware

If you choose to use an integrated checkout, before you can begin taking Vyne payments in your application you'll need to get in touch to validate your application meets Open Banking payment standards. Contact support once you're application is ready to go live.


Try it now

Save yourself the time of researching, understanding, and developing a payment flow. We recommend starting your integration using the Vyne hosted checkout which is simple and fast to set up, and optimised to maximise conversion. Learn more about the hosted here.

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