Integrated checkout

Take control over your payment experience and integrate Vyne directly into your application

The integrated checkout is completely customisable, with assets provided by Vyne to build a bespoke checkout in your application. Before you proceed, make sure you understand the payment flow.

Bank selection and consent

The payment is initiated in the same way as the hosted checkout, but prior to creation of the Payment Initiation Request you can get a bank list including bank names and icons to build your own bank selection page.

Creating a Payment Initiation Request while including a bank parameter provides a redirect URL, allowing redirection from your application directly to the consumers bank. Your consumer never needs to visit Vyne's checkout page.

Authentication and authorisation

Once the consumer selects a bank, the bank's mobile banking app will automatically launch if installed on their device. If the consumer does not have the bank's mobile banking app installed on their device, the bank’s online banking sign in page will be opened in a browser. When launched into mobile banking or online banking, the consumer can use biometrics or credentials to sign in.

The consumer is required to approve the transaction, which is done in a single step. Once approved, the bank transfer is immediately initiated and 100% of the funds are sent directly to the account selected by the merchant.


When the consumer has completed a payment they're redirected to a redirect URL you provide in the Payment Initiation Request. A payload is appended to the callback URL containing a status so you can render feedback to consumers immediately. Vyne also sends webhooks to give you real-time updates on payment status.

What’s Next

Before you begin, read our considerations when building your own checkout. To skip the description and jump straight to implementation, read our guide to using an integrated checkout.

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